Locals home gathers a group of qualified properties and distinguished owners with unique features and facilities. The main types of properties are classified as featured villas, historical buildings, courtyard houses, special architecture in the arcades, and stylish high-end residential buildings, aiming to enriching the travel experience for visitors, which we defined as.

Locals Home has the most professional and largest property management team in china with thousands of excellent designers, engineers, house butlers, cleaning crew and others. It offers one-stop solution that combines housing design and construction, reception, operation management, and marketing, which leads and drives the rapid development of Chinese B&B industry.

More than 10,000 of properties from 60 most popular destinations worldwide are under direct operation and management of Locals Home. Even branch offices are established in the North American, the Southeast Asia, Japan and others.

Other features include direct operation management in scenic spots, city and real estate B&B project operation, value-added services, unique and amazing houses, high end business clubs, new retailing services of brand furniture, and exceptional personalized services tailored to guest.


Locals home is under investment of “all-star cast” in China: ShunWei Capital led by Lei Jun& Dalai XU HongTai Capital led by MinHong Yu& Xitai Sheng, ZhenGe Capital led by Xiaoping Xu&Wang Qiang, HanTong Captical led by Wang Qian&Zhao Qiang, Guangdong Cultural Investment Management Company led by Jiaping Liu. As reported earlier, Locals Home’s single amount of investment has made the highest in record in non-platform accommodation area, receiving critical acclaim as a dark horse in entrepreneurship.
Tongmin Su
Xiaoping XU
Minhong Yu
Jun Lei


Locals Home, established in 2015, has become the 1st brand in Chinese B&B industry, and also the larges B&B management company. More than 15,000 of B&B properties are under direct management of Locals Home, with 3,000,000 of people checked in, and high occupancy rate at 70%.


Locals Home is always on the move to innovation and on the principle of refined online operation and strict offline management. In 2018,Locals Home will recruit full-time butlers to operate properties, support platform, answer inquires, take reservation, respond on emergency, give check-in and check-out guidance and arrange cleaning and maintenance service, to guarantee the property safety and the best stay for the guests. Furthermore, 24/7 customers support center and emergency maintenance center are established to boost service quality.
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